Who are the archangels in the Bible?

The meaning of angel coming from the Greek that means chief angel. These angels are at the top of the angelic hierarchy when power. They have been created by God. They have purposes that they fill in especially in the Old and New Testament of Scripture. You might question who the archangels are. That has been encountered in the Scripture. What was the purpose they did? What angels in the hierarchy are below them? And so many questions. You can also check http://www.tbom.org/ as they have complete versions of it.

The Archangels in the Bible

In the Bible, they only identify the rank of the archangel to one angel Michael. Yet others are wondering if they have a second angel which is Gabriel from the Bible. In the Scripture, he never labels him as an archangel. You might have encountered Michael many times in the Old and New Testaments. He appeared twice in the book of Daniel. Gabriel specifies Michael to step into a spiritual fight. To oppose the Prince of Persia. Gabriel delivers a message to the prophet and Michael appears again in Daniel. Showing that he protected the Israelites from the spiritual attacks.

Michael also makes a personal appearance in Jude. When he disputes with the devil that is where Satan attacks. To get him to blaspheme God they are arguing about the body of Moses. He reprimands Satan.

The idea of Archangels

Archangels have different duties. As it is defined in their name. They are at the top ranks of angels. It seems that they appoint in spiritual combat as the Scriptures show that Michael is known to do so. If Gabriel is under the label of an archangel they are also delivering God’s messages to His people.

Another type of Angels

Along with archangels, the Scripture identifies a few other types.


The angel connected with holiness and guarding opposing sin. Cherubim is placed at the entrance of the Garden of Eden. It is after the man sinned and most especially in the Ark of the Covenant.


A six-winged angel who is singing God’s praises without halting.

Powers and Principalities

The other ranks of angels regardless of fallen or not fallen. It is mentioned in the Scripture according to Colossians 1:16.

The importance of Archangels

Spiritual war wrath around everyone else. It is certain that God has placed angels all throughout the world. To protect everyone in the face of spiritual harm. You can learn from the example that is given to archangels to trust God. And that has a great power that falls under God’s power.