Use cojines with these ideas to decorate your living room

living room

Your living room looks the same, old and boring. It needs some change in it. Often, this task of redecorating your living room seems to be an extensive plan. You got struck by concerns like re-painting or re-placing your old sofa. Just think of using a few cojines to add some charm to your room instead of changing the sofa. This may be the right way to give a fresh look to your room.

Modern design is more casual than traditional and period styles; you may need cushions in various sizes depending on the size of your living room.Traditional decor ideas need more cushions of a large type and size, whereas modern style is humbler and much more frank.


Don’t choose a matching color

When you buy a new sofa, it comes with matching cushions that merge into the sofa’s color and make it look like an uneven piece of furniture. Don’t use those cushions instead of using them. Replace these matched cushions with other colors that differ from the sofa’s shade and also match the room’s color. You won’t believe how this will impact on your entire room.

Pick a color palette

Selecting the right colors can make your room look symphonic. There are usually a lot of elements with various shades and surfaces in the living room. The wrong selection of cojines can spoil the entire room’s look.

Choose the Size and Shape of Your Cushion

The biggest mistake that people make while selecting cushions next to the color is buying cushions in the same shape and size. This makes the rooms look boring again in a couple of days. So, mix it up with different shapes and sizes to add extra interest. Try to get two cushions in dissimilar sizes but in the same design and add some solid colors to them. It’s a way to make your cushions match.

Arrange ’em Right

If you wish to go the traditional way, you can place one or two sets of matching cushions at each end. For a modern look, mix it up with different shapes. Place it with 2-3 of the colors from your color palette in the center and then with the other colors.

Experiment with the material

Materials like silk, leather, and suede will give the room better ambiance. If you match the curtains with the same touch, you’ll achieve a best view in your living room.