Want To Know How Long Will Marijuana Stay In Your Hair?

The hair follicle test is as accurate as a normal urine or blood test. Hence, if you are a drug consumer, you better stop using them a week before going for the test.A person with no hair will have to submit his body hair samples for the test, but since body follicles grow slowly, the test result might vary slightly. You must know how long will marijuana stay in your hair?

How to evade a drug test real quick.

  • Saliva neutralizing gum: If the person has to go through the saliva swab test, this is the perfect choice as a person can chew the neutralizing gum before the test, and the gum provides the neutralization for 30 minutes and gives a window of opportunity to deliver the sample.
  • Hair follicle test: This test is the toughest to evade, but this test can be evaded using a method known as the macujo method, in which a shampoo with other chemicals is used to strip off the drug metabolites.

So there are various school of thoughts regarding the cleansing and detoxing of the metabolites of the drug. The core factors that defines the method to be employed are time, toxin level and metabolism of the body. So different methods for detoxing are employed for different factors. One must certainly ensure that the product they consume should be certified and well known because no one would like to be caught in a drug test.

If a person has the time frame and is willing to detox or cleanse, they should opt for natural cleansing because it the most effective and lasting method for detoxification.