Install the vinyl floor with the click system

Anyone who thinks that a professional should get to work for the installation of the synthetic floor is wrong! With these instructions Floating installation will be a game from boys, also for the laity . But before you can start laying, you need to observe a few points for an optimal result: First of all, the vinyl floor should be acclimatized for a period of between 24 and 48 hours . Also make sure that the ambient temperature is at least 18 ° C and the humidity does not exceed 65% . In addition, the surface must be clean, free of dust, dry and even vinyl tile flooring in carmel in.

For a smoother laying pattern, it is also an advantage to work with multiple vinyl packs at the same time. You should also pay attention to the following:

Step 1: Lay the first row

After the floor coverings have acclimatized for a long enough time and you have already laid a subfloor with impact sound, you can now start laying the click floor.

To do this, start – ideally on a straight wall – along the incidence of light from left to right. It is very important to lean the side of the tab against the wall and leave a distance of 5 mm from it. This distance should also exist on the front side from the wall. You can use spacer wedges for this. The front sides of the individual panels are now precisely aligned, angled to each other and then locked into place. Particularly in the first row, you have to work very precisely in order to finally get a straight course and without offset.

As with a self-adhesive floor, the interlocking system also breaks the vinyl after cutting.

Step 2: first cut

When you have reached the end of the row, the first cut follows. To do this, take the piece to be adjusted and hold it on the front side in the orientation you would snap it into place.

Step 3: Place the next rows

If the shortened and unused panel is at least 30 centimeters long , it is used for the next row, so that there is a good offset. If it is not this length, it will be rejected. Now one panel is placed against each other from left to right.