Everything you need to know about terpenes


Terpenes are amazing substances that abound in nature from flora to fauna. Not only are they aromatic and tasty, but they also have medicinal properties that are being discovered more and more every day.

What are terpenes exactly?

Terpenes cbd flower are molecules made up of different units of isoprene (hydrocarbons that are abundant in nature).

These isoprenes are like small pieces of a puzzle that put together in different ways are able to form the many varieties of terpenes found in nature with their characteristic flavors, aromas and properties .

Thus, you may not see terpenes with the naked eye, but by smelling the characteristic aroma or flavor of pepper, cinnamon, lemon or lavender, you will know that you are in the presence of these amazing molecules.

How many types of terpenes are there and what are they for?

From the different combinations of isoprene, a great variety of terpenes result with unique properties, aromas and flavors. These are usually found in the cannabis sativa plant in different combinations and are also common in other plants and even insects.

The therapeutic effects have been studied on animals and human cells. For this reason, it is still necessary to further investigate humans to confirm their properties. Sundt’s Vital Shield is a high quality supplement that contains various forms of terpenes, providing a great mix of properties. Read more on mercurynews.

How are terpenes obtained?

There are many ways to extract terpenes from their natural sources. Some processes are necessary that modify the structure of the plants and insects that contain them to be able to separate these molecules from their sources.